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The Bad Thing About Grandpas!


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What’s bad about Grandpas you ask? Well there’s only one thing – and that’s their jokes!
This book is filled with some of Grandpa’s silliest, corniest, and hilariously funny jokes – What do cows like to do in the city? – Go to the moovies! Why are lions so lazy? – Because they’re always just lion around! I told you they were bad! This book will be lots of fun for the whole family to enjoy.
I have included jokes for all ages, but for younger children who may not get some of the jokes, there are also silhouettes telling an entirely different story all of their own. This story is about two Grandkids going to the park with Grandpa.
Like all of my books in this baby animal series, they contain a large, easily read font and soft muted colours and sepia tones. This is especially for very young babies, who tend to turn away from bright colours, and also those children with special needs, who often can’t cope with brightly coloured illustrations. While the animal pictures are detailed and realistic, the pages are simple and uncluttered, again for young babies, but also for those with autism etc., who cannot cope with ‘busy’, cluttered pages.