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An ABC of Baby Animals


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An ABC of Baby Animals is an ABC book with a difference. It not only introduces young children to some beautiful animals and birds from across the world, but explores the long and short sounds of the vowels (e.g. E for Emu and E for Elephant), and the hard and soft sounds of the letters C and G (e.g. G for Guinea Pig and G for Giraffe). Upper and lower case letters are found on each page. Fun little facts are included in the back of the book together with all the footprints of each animal – which are fun to create in the sandpit or with paint!
Like all of my books in this baby animal series, they contain a large, easily read font and soft muted colours and sepia tones. This is especially for very young babies, who tend to turn away from bright colours, and also those children with special needs, who often can’t cope with brightly coloured illustrations. While the animal pictures are detailed and realistic, the pages are simple and uncluttered, again for young babies, but also for those with autism etc., who cannot cope with ‘busy’, cluttered pages.