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A Book of Aussie Babies


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A book of Aussie babies is a little fact book, introducing a number of well-known Aussie favourites, as well as some rare and unusual baby birds and animals.  Each page contains facts about our unique Australian animals and birds, accompanied by stunning illustrations. There is a glossary in the back and a simple little map of Australia included as well. 
I thought I knew a lot about Australian animals until I started writing this book, so I guarantee everyone will learn something! This book would make the ideal present for young children and lovers of all things Aussie!
Like all of my books in this baby animal series, they contain a large, easily read font and soft muted colours and sepia tones. This is especially for very young babies, who tend to turn away from bright colours, and also those children with special needs, who often can’t cope with brightly coloured illustrations. While the animal pictures are detailed and realistic, the pages are simple and uncluttered, again for young babies, but also for those with autism etc., who cannot cope with ‘busy’, cluttered pages.