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Everything on this page is free of charge - because this is about early literacy learning for YOUR child - and not about me!

There'll be more to come, but these first handouts help explain what literacy actually is and how to encourage early literacy learning for the children in your care.

For Babies

My first handouts are called WHY read to babies and HOW to read to babies, which I've included because I am constantly hearing the words - 'Oh she's too young for books' or 'He's only a baby he's not ready for books' - which makes me weep to hear such words! I want to encourage everyone to read to their babies as often as possible!

Literacy and our crazy English Language!

The following pdfs explain just what literacy is, how important it is, and how important it is for creating well-balanced, well-rounded, confident and capable young children. I have also included a document I've called English is Totally Nuts! because it is - it's completely crazy. How anyone learns to read and write in English is completely beyond me! 

Children's Literature 

  Learning About Books - takes a closer at kids' books.

Making books with little kids is great fun and make wonderful presents.

Make sure you keep as many of them as possible because they are so much fun to look back on in years to come!

Children's Literature - provides an introduction to the types of books published for young children, focusing in particular on Picture Books. 

Finally I have included a list of some of the fantastic picture books available for young children.

This is just a very brief introduction but is a great place to start.


Further Learning!

Click on the book covers below for more questions, suggestions and activities to keep the learning going.

I have designed these books with layers of learning so they can be used with babies

all the way up until they're starting school.