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Miss Prince has led a colourful life as a traveler, waitress, nanny, editor, academic, author and now artist!

With a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Majoring in Children’s Literature) and a Masters of Education (Specialising in Children's Literature), as well as an Advanced Diploma of Illustration. Sarah spent 15 years working in educational research at the University of South Australia, then in 2015 began a new business venture - Miss Prince Publications!

sarah-prince children's picture books

sarah prince books for young children

Sarah specialises in black and white pencil portraits of children, sports stars, celebrities and a very large number of baby animals! While she enjoys doing portraits, especially of young children, her great love is children's picture books, which she has now been writing for more than 30 years. Sarah has authored more than 25 books in the Alphakids school reader series, published by Eleanor Curtain Publishing and Horwitz Martin, and has now begun illustrating her own work.


Children's Educational Picture Books

Sarah has spent the last five years writing and illustrating educational books for young children, all with a baby animals theme, and is currently working on story books based on some of the characters she has created. Sarah lives with her partner and musician, Rafael, travelling Australia in a bus filled with love, laughter, art and music!